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Ogden Valley Restaurants


Huntsville BBQ

235 S 7400 E Huntsville UT 84317


3 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Nestled in historic Huntsville Square, Huntsville Barbecue Company offers a one-of-a-kind setting for the best Texas Style Barbecue in the mountain west. Celebrating a decades-old tradition of barbecue as a way of life, we serve delicious slow-smoked, dry-rubbed meats and home-style side dishes in a relaxed dining atmosphere.



7345 E 900 S Huntsville UT 84317


1 Mile away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Old Country Ambience- Hot food and Cold beer! Great place to warm up after a long day on the Slopes or up on the Mountain Sledding. Chris’ is known for their great burgers and freshly cut French Fries and after you eat get one of their famous “Bear Lake” Shakes to go!


Harley and Bucks

3900 N Wolf Creek Dr Eden UT 84310


9 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Harley & Buck’s opened it doors in 2006. The restaurant was founded on the premise of serving great American Cuisine in a casual, fine dining setting.

The restaurant offers an assortment of menu items including: steaks, seafood, pasta, an excellent selection of appetizers, salads and desserts as well as a full bar. In addition to the regular menu, special menus items are featured throughout the week.

Harley & Buck’s is located on the gorgeous Wolf Creek Utah property in the Ogden Valley. Indoors or outdoors, on the balcony or patio, guests are treated to spectacular views of the majestic mountains, Snowbasin Resort and Pineview Reservoir.


The Oaks

750 Ogden Canyon, Ogden UT 84401


The Oaks has one of the best locations for Lunch! You can Sit out beside the River and watch the Hummingbirds fly by while you enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner The Menu has from Huevos Rancheros-Bugers and Steaks.

You also can finish your evening with a scoop or two of Utahs own Farr Better Ice Cream.


Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant

508 Ogden Canyon, Ogden UT 84401


6 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

The Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant is a beautiful location for a perfect dinner, providing a cozy, relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests.

They are famous for their Appetizers: Fried Chicken Liver, Friend Oysters and Battered Mushrooms.


Alpine Pizza

2429 N Highway 158, Eden UT 84310 (In Diamond Peak Plaza)


7 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Home of the award winning “Pizza Carbonara” pizza! Alpine Pizza has moved to a NEW Location and has updated their menu- They now offer Sandwiches, Pasta, Appetizers and their main focus Pizza.

You can order your pizza to go or din in and have a glass of wine with dinner!


Mad Moose

2429 N Highway 158, Eden UT 84310 (In Diamond Peak Plaza)


7 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Mad Moose Café is a great place to stop by after a day off the Slopes- You can warm up with any of your favorite Cappuccinos or Coffee and if you are hungry you can enjoy a great lunch! They have some of the best Panini’s for anyone’s taste. They also have Salads and Burgers.


Louis’ Mexican

2550 N 4920 E Eden UT


8 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

These days, it seems that every Mexican restaurant claims to serve “traditional” Mexican fare. If tradition, in this case, is defined as a thin, russet-colored sauce blanketing the majority of the menu items, than I suppose the claim in valid. But at Luis’s Mexican Cuisine, Eden’s newest restaurant, you will find no such slathered sauce. Luis Rodriguez and his wife, Esbeyde, hand make three sauces: a roasted-tomato red sauce, with a touch of jalapeno and onion, a bright-green, tangy, tomatillo sauce and a deep-mahogany mole poblano. All three are made daily, with fresh ingredients. How fresh? Luis’ doesn’t even have a deep freezer. The freezer in this restaurant is no bigger than the freezer in your own kitchen.


Eats of Eden

2595 N Highway 162 Eden Ut 84310


7.5 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Eats of Eden has all of your American Cuisine! They hand bake all of they breads, Buns, Pizza Dough and Noodles- They Menu has combination of foods to meet the needs of any flavor anyone desires- They are famous for their BBQ Chicken Pizza and their PB&J Pizza.


Shooting Star

7350 E 200 S Huntsville UT 84317


3 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

“The oldest continuously operation saloon in Utah!” The Shooting Star is a great place to sit back and have a great night with friends! The small bar has HUGE Character from the ceiling covered in One Dollar Bills and a head of St Bernard mounted on the wall! They are known worldwide for their “Star Burger” It is a double cheeseburger with a polish hot dog on it! You better come HUNGRY! You will be leaving full!


Ogden, Utah Restaurants



476 12Th Street Ogden UT 84404


10 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Ohana Sushi serves finest Japanese and Asian cuisine with exciting dishes and unique ambiance. At Ohana Sushi, every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients. Our authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable dining experience.



1701 Park Blvd Ogden UT 84401


8 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

For excellent contemporary dining and a nostalgic trip back to the days of the gold rush, try the Timbermine Steakhouse in Ogden. Hundreds of antiques, a collection of more than 3,000 mini bottles and Jack Daniels fifths complement the steakhouse’s rustic atmosphere, made even more believable by strategically placed mannequins that mime the activities of those bygone days.

If you’re dining mid-week, take advantage of the Timbermine’s specials. Monday-Wednesday are highlighted by BBQ Chicken and Country Style Ribs. Or the Managers Steak or Seafood Special at $16.95 per plate. The Timbermine’s full bar has any libations you may want, to enhance your dining pleasure. The Timbermine has 3 large banquet rooms that can accommodate groups from 8 – 350 people.


Prairie Schooner

445 Park Blvd Ogden UT 84401


Dine in a covered wagon next to an open prairie fire while enjoying our delicious hand cut steaks, fresh seafood, and signature desserts. Our indoor re-creation of the American Pioneer West provides a great atmosphere for intimate dinners, special events, and large banquets!


Costa Vida

334 23rd Street Ogden UT 84401


9.5 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Costa Vida goes to great lengths to ensure the freshest all-natural ingredients are used and prepared from scratch each day. After all, a meal made fresh daily, just tastes better! The intense and diverse flavors of Costa Vida will make your taste buds boogie and leave you satisfied and energized.


Sonora Grill

2310 Kiesel Ave Ogden UT 84401


The Sonora Grill is a locally owned and operated restaurant. We have a passion for Mexican cuisine. From our zesty salsa made with habaneros, moritas, or tomatillos, to our slow roasted Cochinta Pibil our kitchen is busy trying to exceed our customers expectations by serving breathtaking, savory food.


Santa Monica Pizza and Pasta

2327 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84403


11 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Come see the renovated new digs for a “Beachy” Time! Great for families, Kids,Date Night, Sports Lovers, Groups or if you are just hungry! Multiple flat screen TV’s Surfboards, Surf Videos and a close up view of Santa Monica Pier! Enjoy time on the shaded patio for some fresh air and memorable meal in the outdoors with great views!



2309 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84401


11 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Iggy’s is a great place to bring your family for dinner or a great place to sit and watch a Monday night Football game! With a full service bar and a menu that his a little bit of everything you will not be disappointed!


Wing Nutz

2332 Eiesel Ave Ogden UT 84401


12 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Wing Nutz offers a large selection of premium, never frozen, always baked chicken wings, Tenders, Boneless Wings, Hog Wings, Wraps, Salads and Sandwiches. Wing Nutz has 18 signature sauces that you can customize what you order. Wing Nutz also has their own signature beers and other Beverages. Wing Nutz offers a unique and sports dining experience.


Farr Better Ice Cream

286 E 21st Street Ogden UT 84401 801.393.8629

12 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

“Farr” Better than the rest! Farr Better Ice Cream originated in Ogden UT in 1929 and still today they are making ice cream out of the SAME location! Great place to stop for a great summer snack after a game at the Ogden Raptors!


Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2325 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84401


12 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Did you know there is over 250,000 ways to make a burger? Well at 5 Guys you get that many options! The first location was in 1986 in Arlington VA now in 2014 there is over 1,500 locations! Five Guys has NO FREEZERS! That means your food is never frozen and made fresh in front of your eyes!


Brixton’s Baked Potato

2386 Kiesel Ave Ogden UT 84401


12 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Brixton’s is a Baked Potato bar where you can have it smashes, Mashed or Sliced for your want. Have an original Broccoli and Cheddar or have one of their signature specials Pot Roast and Green Beans.


The Greenery Restaurant

1875 Valley Drive Ogden Utah 84401


What is better than shopping? A great lunch after shopping! The Greenery has numerous things on their menu that are delicious from the steak and things to the Salad Bar and their Signature Mormon muffins are a great snack to take home and share with the family.


25th Street Restaurants


Tona Sushi

210 E 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


15 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Located on Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, Tona provides a big city taste in a friendly and relaxed setting.

Choose between the main dining area, the semi-private guest room, or watch chef’s creations first hand at the sushi bar. Experience unique and original creations using only the freshest fish and truly authentic ingredients.

Tona supports local farm fresh produce. Chefs at Tona create dishes around seasonal goods. Guests who come to Tona can expect to savor dishes they have not tried before. Our menu also offers inventive and tasty grilled and tempura items for those looking for more traditional fare.

Please note that Tona accepts a limited number of reservations each night and leaves the majority of seating open to walk-in guests.


Lucky Slice

200 E 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


15 Miles from Lakeside Resort Properties

Hometown pizzerias nurtured our youth, they gave us great family memories, ensured we could afford food and college, gave us a friendly and lighthearted place to take first dates, and saved our lives more often than we should admit on ski trips when we spent all our money on lift tickets and needed cheap food and somewhere warm to hangout.

The Lucky Slice began with a craving for those places. A craving for quick, affordable pizza made with real and fresh ingredients served from a place where we wanted to hang out – not just a place to sit and eat. This was such a strong craving it invaded our dreams, and after years in Ogden going without, we reached a decision point in the summer of 2011: Make the pizza or lose our souls.


Karen’s Café

195 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


15 Miles away from Lakeside Resort Properties

Karens is a one stop kind of place from Breakfast to Chicken Fried steak there is something on the menu for anyone! They have great Breakfast and Lunch Specials Daily.


Slackwater Pizza and Pub

1895 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84401


Slackwater Pizza and Pub is a great place to chill with some friends have a pizza and choose from one of the Hundreds of beers and wines they have! Enjoy live music on the weekends or to sit by the Ogden River. Family friendly and fun!



1953 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84401


Kneaders Café and Bakery is a great place to get freshly baked breads, Cookies, Sandwiches and Soups. Great place for Gifts, Lunch or both!



253 E 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


Roosters is an Ogden’s Own Brewery! Great place to sit and have a few with some friends on a night on the town! They have some of the best meals from a Cob Salad to their Seafood Pizza! Great atmosphere! It is a MUST GO TO!


Union Grill

2501 Wall Ave Ogden Ut 84401


Built in Ogden Historics Union Station.

Union Grill has Lunch and Dinner specials also do Catering they are famous for their Signature half sandwich and Half Salad special!


Bistro 258

258 E 25th Street Ogden Ut 84401


The Bistro 258 building was built in 1888 and was originally called the “Union Restaurant,” owing to its proximity to the Union Pacific Railroad Depot.

The location of this Ogden Restaurant has always been a little on the “edgy” side of the otherwise squeaky-clean image of Utah and Salt Lake City. When the railroad came to Utah, it deliberately bypassed the Salt Lake City “Mormon” hub and came to Ogden, creating a wealth of commerce and industry.


Rovali’s Ristorante Italiano

174 E 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


Rovali’s is unique in many ways. We have a full service Espresso bar and we have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. We also make our desserts from scratch. Andrea is our baker and one of the owners. She brings an incredible talent for your palette. Chef Ro has more than 20 years of experience in cooking fine Italian Cuisine. We call him the Master of Spice for his unmatched cooking style.


McCool’s Public House

2510 Washington Blvd Ogden UT 84401


MacCool’s may be hard to explain, but it is easy to enjoy! It is an eclectic gathering place where creative down home cooking has been influenced by the Irish, yet perfected by American know-how. ‘There are no strangers here…only friends who have not met!’ MacCool’s Public House is an Irish pub-style family restaurant for ALL to enjoy!

The name relinquishes the story of Finn MacCool who was a warrior leading the Fianna army of Ireland and a poet spreading words of wisdom throughout the island. One of many myths of Finn link his inspiration to the ‘Knights of the Round Table’ with King Arthur.

A community gathering place began as a ‘public house’. Friends and neighbors met to share food, companionship and stories. Everyone was welcome, even passing visitors stopped in to relax and savor the samplings!


Two Bit Street Café

126 E 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


If you are hungry for great food and wonderful antiques, Two-Bit Street Cafe’ has got everything you need. Owners Penny Allred and James Dayley keep the menu fresh by offering a variety of delicious daily specials in addition to the mainstays.

For great food and good, old fashioned service among the antiques, the Two-Bit Street Cafe’ is a real find.


A Good Life Café and Juice Bar

107 25th Street Ogden UT 84401


Great place to get a Sandwich and Coffee or freshly made juice!



290 E 25th Street Ogden Ut 84401


New York Styled Deli Great sandwiches, Subs and Soups Located on Historic 25th Street.


Bagels and Buns

2487 Grant Ave 801-394-7142


Great place to get a Breakfast Bagel or a Lunch Sandwich! Freshly made daily!